Peer Assistance

SDANA's peer assistance committee was formed to provide information and resources to help CRNA's/SRNA's throughout the state regarding chemical dependency issues. The resources listed below provide information that can be used not only by the CRNA's/SRNA's themselves, but also coworkers, family members and others concerned about the well being of a loved one.

AANA Peer Assistance Hotline

SDANA Contacts

State Peer Advisor (1)
Don Rosler

State Peer Advisor (2)
Kara McMachen

South Dakota Resource Health Professionals Assistance Program

This program is a confidential and non-disciplinary option that helps health care professionals with chemical dependency issues. The program can be accessed by:
  • Self referral
  • Board referral
  • Employers or coworkers
  • Family members
  • CRNA's and SRNA's

Mission Statement

The South Dakota Health Professional Assistance Program is dedicated to enhance public safety and support for regulated health professionals by facilitating the early intervention, treatment, and safe return to practice of health care professionals whose functioning is impaired by the use of alcohol and/or other drugs. (HPAP Brochure)


South Dakota Health Professionals Assistance Program (HPAP)
Sherry Grismer, MA, LPC, CCDCIII
4600 69th Street #600
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

p: 605.322.4048
f: 605.322.4370

AANA Resources

AANA Peer Assistance

AANA Advisors

Senior Advisor
Art Zwerling CRNA, DNP, DAAPM

Heather Wilson CRNA, MS

Gregg Rampleman CRNA
513.532.7876 (cell)

National Support Group for CRNA's

Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR)

Art Zwerling CRNA, MS, MSN, FAAPM

Website Information

  • Signs and behaviors associated with chemical dependency
  • Sample policy/procedure for anesthesia departments on chemical dependency
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare/Support groups
  • Reentry into the workplace
  • Model reentry contract
  • Suggested reading lists
  • And much more