State Licensure

Certification with a Board approved national certification body is a requirement for licensure as an Advanced Practice Nurse (CNM, CNP, CRNA, CNS). You are accountable to maintain current certification throughout your licensure renewal cycle. The Board will not issue reminder certification expiration notices. Please note, the Board will only accept direct primary source verification of your certification verifying on-going currency of your certification. This means the Board cannot accept a copy of your certification card; the certifying body must send notification directly from their office.

Therefore, when you recertify with your certification body, request the Board be notified of your new expiration date, include a Verification of Certification (Form C) with your recertification materials. To access Form C online, visit the South Dakota Board of Nursing website.

Address Changes:

The South Dakota Board of Nursing will mail a license renewal notice to your last known address ninety days prior to the expiration date. You must renew prior to that date to avoid a lapse of your license(s). You are reminded to keep your name and address changes current with the Board of Nursing office because you are responsible for maintaining current licenses (RN and APN) whether or not you have received your renewal notice. Address changes must be submitted in writing by mail or email to Indicate a full name and previous address as well as your new address and effective date. You will also find this information on our web site at